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Let your criminal case be handled by a professional and experienced attorneys
Hodge Law Firm is London, KY's law firm of choice. He specializes in many areas of law. No matter your situation, you'll find that Hodge Law Firm is experienced and prepared for a variety of cases. The firm is especially suited for cases that involve criminal law. In situations like these you don't want the added stress of an inadequate attorney. When the time comes, Hodge Law Firm will use all resources to make sure you have the right representation and a fair trial. He wants to make sure you are represented by the best, most experienced attorney possible, and choose that's why you should choose Hodge Law Firm for your defense.
At Hodge Law Firm, it is important to us that we understand your case so we can help you in the best way possible, provide sound legal council, organize your case, interview all witnesses and be your advocate throughout the entire process. Any criminal charges that you are facing whether they are minor or very serious can be handled by our firm in London, KY

Sound Legal Advice

The attorneys at Hodge Law Firm in London, KY have what it takes to navigate the complications of criminal law, and to give you an opportunity to have a fair trial. 

Let us deal with the courts, and be your voice in the justice system.
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Trustworthy & Professional

Since we specialize in criminal cases at Hodge Law Firm, we recognize what is needed for each case, 100% of the time. Whether you need help making a plea bargain, or getting through a lengthy trial, our attorneys will discuss with you what is best and most fair in your case. We treat all cases in a fair and open manner, so visit us today and take the awful stress out of going to court for a criminal matter.

Experience that Counts

Let us be your advocate at Hodge Law Firm in London, KY. Call us today at 606-864-3004 and let us help you through your criminal case. Don't take a chance with a court appointed attorney, and don't go it alone. Criminal cases are complicated. Protect yourself and get the best council possible. Call Hodge Law Firm today.
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Hire a trustworthy attorney in London KY
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