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Personal Injury Attorney Serving London, KY

For any area of domestic law, criminal law and personal injury call Hodge Law Firm. Whether you need to get ready for a hearing, you need assistance with paperwork, or anything in between, call us today in London  KY.

Client Services

Our services are comprehensive and range from getting a client ready for a hearing, helping fill out paperwork or representing the client in court. Since it is very important to us that our clients needs come first, we make sure everything is done right so they get proper representation.

We employ a social security attorney whose specialty it is to make sure anything filed having to do with a social security case is done correctly. Don't have your claims denied, and don't try to fill out confusing paperwork by yourself. Call us and let us take that burden from you.
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Professional & Thorough

At Hodge Law Firm in London, Ky we take care of our clients from the beginning when they walk in the door, all they way until a judge has made a final ruling. We'll get your documents prepared for you, but we'll also get you prepared for any type of hearing you may be facing. Let us argue for you effectively and efficiently.

Let the expert at Hodge Law Firm take care of you. There's no reason not to-- and every reason you should. A court room is an intimidating place, and a case in general is very stressful. Have expert an attorney at your side every step of the way. Arrange a consultation today and consider your case taken care of.

Team Approach, Client Focus

Mr. Hodge works with his office team, in order that every case gets the attention that it deserves. This also insures we can do a variety of things, from criminal cases, to social security paperwork. You can trust us at Hodge Law Firm to do the legwork, fight for you, and make sure that whether you are in court or out, you get justice.

Clients come first and every case is treated with the same degree of care and consideration. Personal injury cases, domestic law cases, social security and criminal cases alike. Call for a consultation in our London & Mckee KY offices today and see what Hodge Law Firm is all about.
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Call Hodge Law Firm today for your family, criminal and personal injury cases.
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