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Family, Criminal and Personal injury lawyer you can trust in London  KY

At Hodge Law Firm we're here to fight for your rights. If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, don't worry, we'll help you get the settlement you deserve. Many times people think it's not worth the trouble, or they become intimidated or overwhelmed. At Hodge Law Firm we'll take over the process and make sure you are properly represented from beginning to end.

Top Representation

The attorneys at Hodge Law Firm are top talent, familiar with many areas of law. They are family and community minded and take great pride in taking care of each client that comes through the door. 

Call us in London  KY and see what we can do for you, whether it's a request for a personal injury attorney or not-- we can help.
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Attorneys Who Care

Hodge Law firm has a lot of experience defending our clients. We want to bring that expertise to you. We are effective at what we do, and our multiple specialties mean there is a great chance we can help you too.

Don't let your case drag on for months, or even years. Get it effectively settled, to your benefit. Hodge Law Firm will work as a team to get your case fairly heard, and fairly settled in court or out, no matter what.

Don't go it alone

The best thing to do if you have a personal injury case is to call Hodge Law Firm. Don't try to go it alone, you may end up with less than you really deserve. Let the experienced attorney at Hodge Law Firm, guide you through you case, and help you through what is often a stressful process.

Hodge Law Firm has an attorney who have worked many types of cases, personal injury and otherwise. We'll help you through your case, and give you the representation you need. Call or stop in today and let us represent you in London  KY.
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Family, Criminal and Personal injury lawyers you can trust in London Ky.
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